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Free Moth Coloring Pages

These free moth coloring pages are super simple to print off and color!

Download these coloring sheets to entertain your littles while they learn about different species of moths!

Free printable moth coloring sheets:

free sphinx moth coloring page

Each coloring page features a different species of moth with an interesting pattern perfect for coloring fun for all ages!

free rothschildia aurota moth color page

Color with your kids on a rainy day while learning about these 10 moth species. Want to take it a step further? Learn more fun facts about 20 beautiful moth species, including the 10 moths on this list!

free luna moth coloring page

There are ten unique free moth coloring pages included to keep your kids busy while they learn! You can easily save and print off your favorites by right clicking each image and choosing “save.” Or you can use the form at the bottom of this post to download all ten images at one time.

free lime hawk moth coloring page

The ten moth species included in these free coloring pages are:

  • Atlas Moth
  • Cecrophia Moth
  • Emperor Moth
  • Garden Tiger Moth
  • Hercules Moth
  • Io Moth
  • Lime Hawk Moth
  • Luna Moth
  • Rothschildia Aurota Moth
  • Sphinx Moth
free io moth coloring page

These free printable coloring sheets are for personal use only – which means you can print them out and use them for yourself, your friends, anyone in your personal circle. But selling, altering or reproducing of these printables is not allowed.

free hercules moth coloring page

I just love how unique each moth is! Nature is pretty amazing, isn’t it?

free garden tiger moth coloring page

Some of these moths are only found on other continents, but a few of them like the luna moth, io moth, garden tiger moth and cecropia moth all can be found in North America. How cool would it be to find one in real life? Now you’ll know what to look for!

free emperor moth coloring page
free cecropia moth coloring page
free atlas moth coloring page

I’ve also included this moth guide so you can see how each moth is typically colored in case you wanted to go with realistic colors!

moth guide for free moth coloring pages

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