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8 Fun Gifts for Plant Lovers

Stumped about what gift to get the houseplant lover in your life? Chances are, your houseplant lover would love to get new plant. But if you're looking for something extra or something different, check out these 8 fun gifts for plant lovers! 
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8 Fun Gifts for Plant Lovers

Fun Gifts for Plant Lovers: 

1. Crazy Plant Lady Shirt

Girl wearing "crazy houseplant lady" tshirt holding a snake plant surrounded by houseplants.

Every houseplant hoarder loves a good tee that declares their love of houseplants to the world. Just think of all the plant conversations these tees can open up! Check out all the designs here

2. Plant Themed Polymer Clay Dangle Earrings

The detail in these clay earrings is stunning. Look at those leaves...all the heart eyes. Little Buddy Studio has all sorts of adorable handmade plant things. She has more earrings, stickers and prints that are all amazing. 

3. Block Printed Plant Pot

Every plant lover loves a unique planter. The pots and planters we collect is as telling as the plants themselves and it's always nice to get something unique that you can't find everywhere. Planters with cute designs or lots of texture are always a winner. These canvas block printed buckets are super cute! 

4. String of Pearls Plant

Did you know you can order plants online? I've ordered a few and had a few gifted to me and I've never had any issues with them. Surprise your friend with a new live plant baby (like this string of pearls plant) delivered straight to their door, and you'll make their day!  

4. Wooden Phone Case with Plant Design

Plant people are not at all embarrassed of their plant obsessions and will cover everything they own with plants. They'll put live plants on every surface of their home, cover their walls with pictures of plants and be tickled pink with a plant phone case. This wooden iphone case with pretty plant details is so perfect! 

6. Hanging Propagation Station

The only thing better than being a plant parent is being plant grandparent. There's nothing like the pride of growing a brand new baby plant from your existing plants. This macrame hanging propagation station is a super cool way to display new plant babies as they grow! 

8. Green Thumb Necklace

How adorable is this green thumb necklace? And that sweet message on the package?! Any plant lover would love getting this cute thing. 

8. Botanical Plant Tote Bag

The plant enthusiast in your life would proudly carry around this eco-friendly botanical tote bag. They can take it to the grocery store to cut down on their plastic bag usage or use it to store their plant and gardening supplies. So many ways to use this thing! 

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